What is the Book About

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Typical Shopping Cart

Let’s imagine it

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Don’t repeat yourself

Car in API

"vin": "4Y1SL65848Z411439",
"make": {
"key": "vw",
"name": "Volkswagen",
"shortName": "VW"
"model": {
"key": "arteon-shooting-brake",
"name": "Arteon Shooting Brake",
"shortName": "Arteon"
"color": {
"key": "black",
"name": "Black"

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Discount Functionality

How to apply

1. Hear the story

  • During creating object from the class (new Product(...))
  • In usage

Creating objects



class CartItem {

Domain Service

Product Name Story

Use cases

  • Change the product name in the language.
  • Show the product name in the language
  • If…

Collections and Reality

Svaťa Šimara

Developer interested in Domain-Driven Design & Modeling

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