Book Review: Refactoring

Refactoring by Martin Fowler

Catalogue of Refactorings

The remaining 300 pages is a catalog of refactoring and you can find it online. Each refactoring includes motivation — when, mechanics — how — in step-by-step form, and examples. I like the step-by-step instructions when tests pass after each instruction. It is awkward to apply these steps for simple refactorings, and powerful to apply for complicated refactorings or refactorings that involves a lot of occurrences.

Personal Impression

Almost all refactorings include inverse refactoring. When there is Extract Variable, you can find also Inline Variable. That was a surprise for me as I thought the first option is always better (and I learned that’s not true).

Language & Code

The book is easy to read, the author is using easy English and anyone who can read this review can read the book.

2nd edition in JavaScript

1st edition in Java


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