Review of the Advanced Web Application Architecture

What is the Book About

Writing Style & Code Examples

Personal Impression

Ideas that Made My Day

Chapters in Detail

✖ ORM Mappings in PHP Annotations (chapter 2.5.1)

✔ Don’t Use Active Record (chapter 2.8)

✔ Use Read Model (chapter 3)

✔ Hide Low Level Details (chapter 3)

❓ How to Solve Naming Collisions (chapter 3)

✖ Naming “Application Services” (chapter 4)

✖ Using Mocks in Tests (chapter 5.7)

✖ Misinterpretation of Inversion of Control (chapter 5.9)

✔ Behavior of Objects (chapter 7.4)

✖ Validation (chapter 8)

Multiple Validation Errors

Translatable Exceptions

Different Exceptions

Double Effort Solution

✔ Structure of Application

✖ Connecting UI and Application Service Layers (chapter 13)

✖ Contract Testing (chapter 14.3)

✔ Gherkin Scenario Based Testing (chapter 14.5)

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✔ Development Workflow (chapter 14.7)

➕ Topics I Miss in the Book

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